1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    To anyone working in Arizona, how exactly does the certificate of necessity work when there are multiple companies and agencies overlapping one area? Is there a primary agency, and the rest are backup? Or does one fire and one private ambulance show up, and fire only takes high acuity patients...
  2. AlexTheChamberlain

    Tucson Area EMS?

    I've been looking into moving out to the Tucson area for a little while, and was wondering how the 911 system is set up out there. Just laying it all out: What cities does AMR cover and what cities do fire departments cover? Does AMR extend into areas of the county outside of city? Is the...
  3. E

    AMR San Diego County

    I have an interview coming up with AMR in San Diego and was wondering if anyone knows what to expect and brush up on for the interview? Any information will help!
  4. A

    Rural metro LGBT inclusivity

    Hello all this is my first post here and I have a question about Rural Metro in the Fulton co area. I had an interview at Rural Metro in Fulton co Ga and once I start the job i hope to transition on the job from male to female. I chickened out in the interview from mentioning this to the...
  5. EMTinWA

    Rural Metro West physical strength assessment

    I'm recently certified and seeking my first job. I'm now training to make sure I can pass the physical strength assessment test for Rural Metro. What kind of weight will I be lifting? Palms up? thanks for any insight.