1. H

    What’s considered a Retest

    hey guys I took my NREMT P yesterday. I passed all stations except the out of hospital scenario. I was advised I could take it again, so I did. Well I failed again. My question is when I retest do I just retest that one station. Or do I have to redo everything. On the NREMT site it says after...
  2. K

    Need to find a psychomotor exam in Massachusetts

    Hi all, I'm an EMT-B looking to get certified in Massachusetts. I moved from Florida in August 2017, and while my Florida cert is still active, my NREMT lapsed. It lapsed March 2017, so I'm within the 2 year time frame. Since it lapsed, I have to take the cognitive test and get a psychomotor...
  3. weezeehamilton

    Passed NREMT-P Psychomotor exam

    So I passed my psychomotor exam a few days ago. Will the results show up in the same location as where the results of the written test are located???
  4. weezeehamilton

    NREMT-P psychomotor

    Any suggestions on how to study for this? Or is it just memorizing and practicing the skills over and over??
  5. David Schaap

    How long between psychomotor and cognitive exams?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone could help me with a timing question.... I have completed the EMT course in Oklahoma, and I am scheduled to take my psychomotor skills exam on Feb 18. I am wondering how quickly after the psychomotor exam (assuming I pass and that the program director uploads...
  6. T

    Passed my psychomotor then told I didn't.

    Hello I took my advance emt psychomotor exam in December. On my first attempt I failed 5 skills. We were allowed to retake the ones we had missed that day and on my second attempt I passed those 5 and therefore was informed that I had passed my exam. Well later down the road I passed my...