1. S


    OK, so I've been out of hands on patient for a bit. Now that I've returned I've noticed that my PCR writing is to say horrible. I was wondering if there are PCR writng templates/models/PDF that I can follow to get better at writing my notes
  2. cointosser13

    Prehospital narrative template?

    Does anybody have a prehospital narrative template where they just fill in the blanks or *** as they go along with the report (off course add more as they go along with the report)? If you have any templates that would be most appreciated. I'm trying to create my own as of now, but I want to get...
  3. Jesse Techno

    Basic -> Paramedic Training Management Website

    Hello all! I am new here but I have been reading threw the internet trying to find some help with something. I have been working on a program that I have been using over the last year to track my patient contacts as well as terms and stats on my training complete with reports to see when I...
  4. H

    Helping a newcomer create a good outline for narratives

    I'm a very very new EMT and I recently had my first training shift and was given some homework to create 2 sample narratives.. I was wondering if anyone had some good outlines they usually go by in their reports so I can get a feeling for the right amount of information necessary in a...
  5. J


    Hello! So i created this account and finally decided to post after being an EMT for 6 years all because of this situation. I am working at a new Private ambulance company that started not too long ago. We had started with one PCR format when we first opened and switched to another a...
  6. C

    Temporary price drop on EMS Timers Professional

    Starting July 1, 2016 through July 15, 2016, the price for my EMS Timers Professional app will drop from $9.99 to $4.99, a savings of five dollars! Don't miss this chance to try it out! See my thread elsewhere in this forum for the features of the app. As far as I know, it is the only app in...
  7. C

    EMS Timers Professional App for iPhone and iPad

    Hello EMS Professionals! I would like to introduce my third application in my EMS Timers series, EMS Timers Professional. Here is the description from the App Store: EMSTimers Professional is a multi-timer app specifically designed for Emergency Medical Services personnel such as EMTs and...
  8. Noel

    Are Finger Pulse Oximetry Devices reliable?

    I recently bought my finger ox from amazon by a brand called accU-rate which was a CMS 500 DL and was having second thoughts if these devices were reliable in charting PT VS. Obviously for spo2 and HR. I don't want to seem reliant on technology to do my job due to already having skills to...