paramedic entrance exam

  1. ruralEMSgirl

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    In my state of residence, RNs (and PAs) are allowed to challenge any level of the NREMT exam, up to and including the Paramedic exam. As far as I could tell, no pre-hospital experience required. Meaning, a RN who's only prior training was nursing school and their current RN position, is allowed...
  2. Emtbfornow

    Paramedic interview

    any advice for the interview into the program?
  3. W

    Paramedic Programs

    Are there any paramedic programs that don't require EMT or paramedic prep for acceptance?
  4. W

    Classic Newbie Question - any info is appreciated

    Hello all, I am currently serving overseas and as soon as I get back I plan on pursuing a paramedic program. I am curious if someone could provide me some insight as to how its done. I have no certs (EMT-B/I/A). Are there programs that start from the ground up? And if so are there any that...
  5. D

    Sacramento State Paramedic Program

    Hi i'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone knows or has taken Sac states paramedic program? I'm planning on applying soon. I'm awaiting to take the TEAS exam which scheduled for July 7th (close to the app deadline which is July 17th). I'm planning on studying by butt off for it for a...
  6. L

    FISDAP Paramedic Entrance Exam???

    Does anyone have experience taking the paramedic entrance exam through FISDAP? I found that it is a requirement for me to start medic school in August? If anyone has taken Advice? Does it have a certain number of sections like national registry? Any help would be super...