1. M

    Intubation and the unconscious

    Good afternoon everyone, Im a newer paramedic and have a question about intubation. ill start it off with a brief scenario to summarize my question. Non-RSI agency responds 78 year old female found unresponsive in her bed, radial pulses are present with a GCS of 1,2,2. SPO2 reads 80% despite...
  2. EpiEMS


    What's your protocol requirement for preoxygenation and/or apneic oxygenation (if any) prior to and/or during intubation attempts? What ought it be?
  3. Ishay Benuri MD

    New Intubation Method - looking for feedback from the field

    Hi all. My name is Ishay Benuri. I am a pediatric gastroenterologist who volunteers in as an EMT at United Hatzalah service in Israel. After I failed to intubate a trauma patient in the field, I developed a device that is mainly intended as a bridged till a novice paramedic reaches high level...
  4. cointosser13

    Vent Modes

    This more pertains to critical care paramedicine, but I was wondering: how do you remember what each vent mode (A/C PRVC SIMV etc) does when ventilating a patient? Any tricks (or charts) to remembering what each one does?
  5. D

    Bad Practice in the ED

    Good evening all! I work in California, where we have no RSI, but that is not the debate. Frequently I will have a Pt who you can predict is going to be getting an RSI upon arrival to the ER. To best prepare these patients, and to generally protect them the best I can, I will usually begin...
  6. G

    Endotracheal Intubation Verification Device

    Hello everyone! I'm a biomedical engineering student at Northwestern University (USA) who is studying global health technology and medical device design for the developing world. More specifically, we are at the University of Cape Town in South Africa working on a device to verify proper...
  7. MicahW

    Choosing Suctioning Vacuum Pressure

    Hey guys, So I was wondering how you guys choose the pressure on your suction units. The ones we use are quite old and only have an on and off setting (that I know of). Recently, though, I have seen many companies using suction units with variable vacuum pressure. I have heard that it is...