1. EpiEMS

    Syncope - A Standard Assessment?

    Is there a standard EMS workup for syncope? Anything you always do? Tips, tricks, pitfalls? Certainly seems like an ECG is worthwhile, for example. Does syncope necessitate an ALS assessment (i.e. anything that an EMT cannot do on scene)?
  2. C

    Hit and run ....?...cpr...?

    Im Curious on what to do when you respond to a call for a hit and run. What do you for your pt? If the pt is unconscious and not breathing properly (or not breathing at all) and is bleeding profusely with deformities to the body what do you do first in the assessment .
  3. A

    AMPLE/SAMPLE or another mnemonic?

    Hi guys, I am a UK paramedic. I am doing some research into mnemonics for secondary surveys in primary care. Obviously we all start with ABCDE but is anyone aware of any alternatives to SAMPLE for a secondary survey? I know that things become more conversational as time goes on and secondary...
  4. EpiEMS

    On Every Patient, Get A [Insert Here] Measurement?

    To what degree are you required to take X number of "vital signs" (these being [insert your requirement here]) for each patient? My agency's standards requires a minimum of 2 sets of vitals for each PCR, which must include HR, BP, and RR, unless it's an RMA, for which we are only required to get...
  5. M

    EMT-b Scenarios for training purposes

    Hey, I am trying to set up some weekend training for a group that are about to test, and I don't have the time to create fleshed out scenarios wholecloth right now, is there a good source of full scenarios online? Budget is $0 from my department for this right now. It is for the NREMT-b, looking...
  6. RScott

    Will I know it when I see it?

    I am finishing my EMT-B course and about to start clinicals. I have a noobie question: how easy is it to recognize the signs and indicators for particular injuries/sicknesses in the real world? The main assessment that comes to mind is testing the stability of the pelvis. We’re taught to...