amr riverside

  1. B

    Hemet/Riverside AMR

    Hello y’all, I was curious what the hiring process at AMR Hemet is like. I just got an offer and I’m curious what I should expect as to the Orentation and FTO phase to the actual Call Volume/Area. I do have a few questions about living there too. If these are repeats please redirect me though...
  2. AlexTheChamberlain

    Southern California Pay Rates as of 4/17/19

    All wages stated are the starting paramedic pay for each division and company. I called HR directly on all of these, with the exception of Riverside County. San Diego: $19.20 (12 hr) $15.00 (24 hr) Mercy San Diego: $15.00 (all rates) Imperial is still too messed up right now. All I know is...
  3. C

    AMR Riverside

    Hello guys, I'm about to finish my EMT class in about 2 weeks and hopefully get my cert soon after that. I do want to apply for AMR Riverside Division bc it's close to where I go to school (UCR) and I wonder what's the part-time requirement for AMR and what's the hiring process like. I want to...
  4. K

    AMR Riverside/San Bernardino/Redlands/Rancho: Interview

    Can anyone tell me what I can expect from AMR Riverside, San Bernardino, Redlands or Rancho interview process? Details? I just passed my written exam and scheduled for an interview in a few weeks at the Rancho Division Office. Any details or insight would be appreciated.
  5. K

    AMR Redlands/San Bernardino Pay?

    Does anyone know AMR's Redlands/San Bernadino Division starting pay for brand new EMT's? I know that they just recently went to "Union", which is somewhat better. Please advise, thanks.
  6. M

    medication question for newbie

    I just applied for and got a job offer with AMR!! this is really my last opportunity to not end up broke and working at mcdonalds. i'm so happy and excited. I have not yet started the pre-employment process. I take 2 medications that might dq me. adderall and valium. (the valium is an as needed...
  7. Sanders

    How long is orientation?

    Hi guys! I am currently a full time college student in Riverside but I am originally from San Francisco.I recently passed the NREMT and got my ambulance lisence, livescan, registered with the county and all that good stuff that cost an arm and a leg lol I'm now looking for jobs.I was looking...