ambulance companies

  1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona EMS Questions? RSI and fun stuff like that?

    I’m considering moving out to Arizona, and was just curious about how you guy’s protocols are. Just going off what I’ve read, it looks like only some agencies are allowed to RSI and preform surgical cricothyrotomy. Do you guys know which one’s can and can’t RSI or surgical cric?
  2. Tony Maximilian

    McCormick vs AMR/AMR vs McCormick

    Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum... I'm interested in learning more about AMR & McCormick, specifically how they compare in terms of starting pay, benefits, availability of 911 work vs mandatory IFT, 24-hour shift availablity, employee satisfaction, reputation, uniform...
  3. Hayden

    McCormick testing

    Hey all, A super last minute post, but I am testing for McCormick tomorrow and I was interested in hearing any tips. I've read a few other threads but they were out of date. Also I had a two questions for anyone who works there. 1. Suit and tie for the test? I'm assuming yes but you never...
  4. D

    New Ambulance service in Denver Metro area?

    I Saw an Ambulance today lights & sirens going that said "Metro Care Ambulance" with a phone number. I am curious do they run contracts for cities/counties or do they just run nursing homes & dialysis patients? I have never seen them before. It looked to be a brand new Dodge or Ford truck...
  5. Care Ambulance Service

    CARE Ambulance Service is Hiring.

    NOW HIRING AT CARE AMBULANCE SERVICE!! Working at Care Ambulance Service is an incredibly fulfilling and career enhancing experience. Every day is different and every call you run presents a new and exciting challenge. As one of the largest ambulance providers in Southern California, Care EMTs...
  6. J

    Ambulance Companies

    What are some of the biggest private ambulance companies that provided 911 services? I only know of Paramedic Plus, AMR, & Acadian.