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  • Ya just started my first day..so many drugs and things to learn..blah!!! HAHA..o well loads of fun for the first day..and I will apply Ice to help ease the pain haha
    I'm just really in the mood for milkduds right now, what can I say?

    Schools going well, did 40+ hours of clinicals last week, on top of school and work. But my white cloud continues to follow me and no one has died....yet. Got to poke a few people with sharp things and push drugs though!

    When do your clinicals start?
    I am the same, love the feeling of scary movies. blah, wed is medic. I am shaking a little bit. How goes your course? and how are you feeling? any better?
    HAHA ya, it just released everywhere. It is from the makers of the blair witch project..and actually scared me. Which is hard to do. It is about a demon haunting this guys gf..it is awesome.
    HI i did figure out how to accept the friendship. I have been busy in paramedic school sorry it has takenme a month to respond to your visitor meesage. How are you?
    HAHA, tyvm..just saw parinormal activity..lol I cant sleep scared me. I much rather run into a burning building than see it again haha.
    Hope the heart thing is going good! HAHAH Mid Terms!! and 7days left..I am getting more scared every day lol. I will cry and eat ben and jerrys till I puke if I fail HAHAH!! The snoopy dance hahah I want to dance that too!
    I am rocking my terminal terminology and loving it, the teacher is a push over, he is allowing is to use notes. Now what is EMS 110? Here in Cali, they do not offer a major for Paramedic. Next term I am planing on taken BIOL 430 (the hard core A&P).
    I know the feeling, I just got back my mid-term for my medical terminology class: 58 out of 50, A+. Now that's what I am talking about. What classes you taken?
    I'm in CT now. It's been in the 30's at night. I'm originally from Wyoming and they have already had several snow storms there.

    Are you in Paramedic or Nursing school?
    I am doing good..14days till day 1 medic. Whats wrong with your heart? and I am glad to hear you will still beable to get your cert. I am well just keeping on trucking..same day same daily grind hahah
    Ya, lost him he was a DOA. Lost 1L blood, Basil skull FX, cerbral hemophrage, Left Vent collapse, and lots of Pevilc damage. O,well it happens. How goes your medic journey?
    Lol, ya..I just did that 2 days ago with a 21yro kid..crashed his bike 11-44..tried to get him back..got a pulse twice, just couldn't keep it. How is medic? I am a couple weeks out wooP!
    HAHA that sounds awesome..also I am still looking for those girls lol!!! Yay for getting a new truck..and in jan my buddy is selling me his bike so..finally lol things are looking up! lol
    Not too bad just studying for my endo/neuro/toxo/gastro/ allergic exam tomorrow lol

    How about yourself?
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