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  • heart surgery, what happened, are you healing well?? I am sorry to hear about that. I did not go to school last semester because I was looking for a new job. But I am back taking a full load. Are you going to try and get back into the paramedics program or are you changing gears now??
    Hey sweety, I have not heard from you in awhile, you still hanging in there?? I hope you are doing good and still in school. Hope to talk to you soon.
    Oh, I've been fantastic. The one thing not so great right now is that I am two weeks behind in school. Blahhhhh...........

    Y'all in flight scholl yet? ;-)
    I have been hidding in school books. Medical Term was great, now I am onto A&P and nutritions. Should be fun!!! I am sorry to hear that you are out of the program, hope you can get back into it soon.
    Yah it has been awhile since I lasted talked to you but I aced my Medical Term calls. How did you do in your??
    Been around lol, you stopped emailing me. I have been alright, just loaded down with school and car problems. how have you been.
    Schools going pretty well... all done with all my clinicals except for 2. One 8hr shift in the ER, and an OR shift. Longest 5 weeks of my life!

    Final is in just over a month.
    Ya haha..I wish I could say its one of those things that has to be grossly censored haha. email me or something and I will tell you. Blah medic has destroyed me I am so drained and broke and ya..haha. How are you holding up?
    haha ya I know I am always on the go..I feel old hahaha. Not to bad just trying to survive medic..its like trying to...with a pinnapple...and a dog..peanut butter...lol dont ask but it is a funny refferance.
    HAHA sure I have lots of meds. Ya I am facing my first Major so it is scaring me a little bit. Time to study is getting harder to make with the holidays coming up but, I am trying. I am glad to hear that things are well.
    Those are hard to keep warm and an airway LOL..nice ya have a quiz monday..and ya just puching through. It wasnt as hard as i thought it would be..just lots of studying.
    HAHA! ya as long as the person helping is good looking haha. blah well day 3 is done, and we just started A&P and I have my first quiz tomorrow..med term (Pre,suffix), 5drugs,some A&P, and EMS history. how about you?
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