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    Death of Elijah McClain

    Hello everyone, I had a question and wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention, for those who haven’t followed. Here is a snippet from the Wikipedia article that you can find here. “The three police officers who were involved in the incident, said that their body cameras were knocked off...
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    Wildland EMT/Crew EMT

    That is understandable. I bought the NOLS Wilderness EMS module textbook and have been just brushing up, it’s a good read. Just a rookie who also happens to have my EMT cert. First season, and only a year of experience working on a rig, but I just want to be as prepared and well versed as I...
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    Wildland EMT/Crew EMT

    Hey guys, so I’ve started working on a Wildland Type II crew and there are a few EMT’s here but I am the only one currently working and using my skills. I really enjoy learning about austere medicine and prolonged field care. How do I prepare best to serve as a crew EMT on a fire? Is getting a...
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    Coronavirus screening by 911 dispatchers

    How many cases is it now in our county?
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    Gurney ops and moving patients

    Didn’t want to make a new thread so After working in EMS for a while, have any of you had issues with the back? What steps did you have to take to recover? Back brace?
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    Part-Time EMS work in the High Desert?

    AMR would be your best bet. Iirc there was one Victorville guy in my hire class, don't know if they are still hiring for part-time, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    California: DMV printout?

    It is now a K-4 printout. And goes back 7 years or something. Maybe the other way around. But nonetheless, that company must've not got the memo. Go to the DMV and say you want a driver history printout. Do not get the one online(Unless that company is okay with that one) because that is not...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Oh, thats great. I just started at my division, but I don't think I can get it since I haven't been there for a year. If EDD can pay me for at least 30 days, then I'm fine with that. I guess I should just take a Personal leave of absence if AMR won't give me the FMLA.
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    Are Waiting lists common?

    That's understandable. Never heard of AMR SAR, I guess our division doesn't do it. I know that some subdivisions near us can't cut into our shifts because we're union and they aren't. Or something like that.
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    Are Waiting lists common?

    I'm still new so I'm sure there's better educated folks out there. But everything @DesertMedic66 said. Also, there's a TEMS team for medics, Honor Guard, and my division specifically just won a huge contract for our union. Pretty cool. All in all, AMR seems to run a pretty tight ship, but it's...
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    Are Waiting lists common?

    My division of AMR had/has a waitlist, we're pretty staffed from what I here, but I know that it was first come, first serve for interviews and that went quick.
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    Hot Take?

    In general, I can understand that. But in the case of an overdose, from whatever narcotic, I would have thought it would be SOP on either PD's part or EMS to pat the patient down for needles or additional narcotics. And if not, doesn't that exacerbate the problem? If this guy were to go shoot...
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    Hot Take?

    Appleton firefighter, father of 3 is shot and killed by patient they brought back with Narcan I can understand the sentiment, but I'm too uneducated on statistics for this to form a full opinion. Also, how did they not pat him down right before or right after they administered it?
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    EMT Badge? Yes or No.

    Well in NYC, I can understand the need for that
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    EMT Badge? Yes or No.

    Please elaborate, I have to know the story about this