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  • Yeah, if someone did that as one of my clinical students, he or she would have been failed for that clinical.
    I am trying my hardest not the get any more infractions. but I can guarantee you if my intern said something like "it was way over my head" and failed to seek explanation there would be hell to pay.
    I emailed a clothing specialist who has done work in Canada regarding protective wear that doesn't look like NASA rejects. Ah, I remember our asbestos and mylar turnouts well, 35 lbs plus the 45 lb MSA rig. I'll pass on any replies.
    Thanks for explaining the bladder confusion last night. I love to learn something new everyday.
    Just wanted to tell you that I realize your posts aren't smartassed just very intelligent and well thought out. You are a very intelligent, educated individual and I love reading and learning from your posts. Holy :censored::censored::censored::censored:. I never build people up. LOL .
    I do have to admit after seeing your pic. You are not what I pictured you to be lol
    That's good to know. I try not to be one but a lot of times it just comes out as snarky or crass. I still think it's funny when people on here meet me in person and realize I'm not at all what they had pictured based on my posts. It's like their expecting this screaming, angry and tightly wound drill sergeant and in walks a skinny science geek. Not to say that I won't be just as blunt to someone's face if they are wrong, but it's a lot easier to give the impression of civility in person.
    Just saw your "Jenna Jameson" Obtunded comment in the NG thread... OH MY GOD, How did I miss that? lol
    Lost internet access for a while due to severe storms that did a lot of damage to power lines, etc around our neighborhood.
    OK OK you can ride in my rig anytime...if I had one, that is.
    My son has had your birthday woes for many years...all of his, in fact.
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