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    September 11th - Fighting Back

    theres no need to mandate such a course, if somebody wants it, theyll take it, if you force it on them they will blow it off and lower the overal level of quality offered to the people who are interested.
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    The Paragod Syndrome

    toit again
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    I just really want to see him hang, if he lost his job this late in the game it would more than make up for the people whos career he personally made it a point to ruin or not even begin.
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    lol no, If I was mike, this would already be in a courtroom. I just cant stand seeing management at any job abuse employees, even if they are ex employees, its compounded when the management abuses their authority on a regular basis
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    I was just thinking about it, if he is guilty of a crime in this, he did it while on shift, I wonder what effect that would have on his licensing in the state
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    I bought some of the shirts with my credit card, so I have the reciepts And knowing my employer, it would not suprise me if he tried to say the person had to have the tat removed lol
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    No contract and my boss already doesnt like me
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    Does this make my employer a criminal?

    I am no lawyer, the majority of my legal experience has been as a defendant, but I have a situation where my abusive employer has commited what I think may be criminal against an ex coworker. Their defense on this will be that it is all sour grapes, which may be so, but nonetheless I think...
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    New drug blocks HIV from entering cells Exposure Category Estimated # of AIDS Cases, Through 2003 Male Female Total Male-to-male sexual contact 440,887 - 440,887 Injection Drug Use...
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    New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

    Out of curiousity, how many drug users, not a couple hits off a joint, but actual hard core drug users, have you sat and talked to, gotten to know, discussed things other than "how much did you take?" or "do you know who stabbed you?" me? hundreds if not thousands the problem with books, is...
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    A new time killer

    This board has a neat feature, that helps to kill time, its the online users section that tells what people are doing at the time. I and my compatriots here have become accustomed to opening a window and watching what people are doing, then we bet on what they will do next or the general concept...
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    New Ultrasound Pics!

    if its offered in your area, get a 3d ultrasound down the road. We couldnt get it, but wished we could. From what I understand those are pretty detailed.
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    New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

    XXYOure right about that, you have no respect for others views.XX Reread his statement, disregard, this part The evidence I have regarding the choice not to use needles is from extensive personal history of drug use (insert ignorant replies here). There are two major reasons that needles are...
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    New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

    " really don't care what they do in prison, we pay taxes anyway, as long as they are out of society. The only idea I liked for Gee-Dubbya was the prison camps where they lived in tents and only ate bologna sandwiches every day. Sure some can be reformed, and I'm all for that. But people who...
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    Long Boards

    "Preach to us, Short, tell us why it's good that people die from mistakes. We all make mistakes in life, some people pay for it immediately, and some people pay for it for the rest of their short lives. If someone could reverse that mistake, sure to never make it again, why prevent that?" from...