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    ABC's of being an EMT!

    i know the website has been put up before, but i must do it again.... this is where i found my list for AMR
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    Things we do when we are bored

    and god help you if you snore while on a shift... not like i ever did that to a co-worker...
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    I owe you guys an apology

    easiest way to remember that it's drof and noe dorf DROF - Driver Returns On Foot DORF - a comedian that walks around on his knees and plays golf.
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    ABC's of being an EMT!

    Being polite there wolf?
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    ABC's of being an EMT!

    AMR??? there are many of them... see the following: Another Murderer Responding Award for Murder Recipient Another Medicare Rejection Another Mexican Replacement All My Retards Ambulance Might Respond Another Mediocre Response Another missed rescue A-Moral Rejects Ain't My...
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    well pretty much any 100 watt speaker would work with the unit you are using. the hardest part would be concealment. for that, i would use the federal signal Dynamax speaker. A cost of $264.50 including the correct bracket for the 98-05 ford explorer.
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    If you are just looking for an air horn, you don't need to go with a full feature siren. for speakers, it doesn't matter. For an Air Horn only item, take a look at this: And a low cost speaker option is...
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    The F50 is a radio where i need the freeq to be able to give you a price... if you can give me that, i will gladly give you a price
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    also matt, what freq do you need on that kenwood? and if you want it, it runs about $375 plus s&h... the same radio would work for you mercy and that would be the same price. Mr. Dell, let me know what wattage you are in need of, and what you are hooking it up to, and i'll get you the best...
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    Lights, Sirens, and Radios

    sorry... i have been in the process of moving... The iCom F4 and F4S are no longer made, so i cannot get them, Motorola is another that i don't sell, siren speakers... tell me what you want, and i'll get you a price, the TK-3160, i'll see what I can do... give me a day or 2, same with the...
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    Ambulance / Cot Lifts - They use them overseas!

    cot lifts one CCT service i used to drive for had stretcher lifts on the back of their trucks mainly for Isolette and obese patients. but they also had an air dump for an easier lift. I thought it was nice, but not really practical. I have played with the automatic stretchers, and in all...
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    September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2007

    I agree... this shouldn't be a political debate. this is a date that we should remember all of the people and personnell that lost their lives. To this day, we are still losing rescuers from illnesses related to that incident. so no morepolitics please as I am unhappy to hear that trivialized...
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    I'm guessing that it has to do with the Cyanosis... if that's a correct assumption, it could be 2 things... 1. The baby was too far gone to make any save 2. The tube was incorrectly placed If it has to do with staffing.... i can't help you on that one
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    I'm a FNG again!

    Welcome back to the life, and welcome to the forum.
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    From another site that many are familiar with: AMR- Another Murderer Responding, Award for Murder Recipient, Another Medicare Rejection, Another Mexican Replacement, All My Retards, Ambulance Might Respond, Another Mediocre Response, Another missed rescue, a-moral rejects, Ahh My Ride...