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    WTH at this rhythm (56K, no)

    I would meander to say that a consult with the cardiologist would be in order. My first question when presented with a strip is always: "was the patient symptomatic (i.e. Decreased LOC/GCS, Abnormal vitals and decreased cerebral perfusion, etc.) If the reply is negative, then my answer is...
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    Only in EMS

    1. ...can you break a brake disk in half and still respond to the next call. 2. you get human road cones, i haven't seen them for sale at the shop though. 3. ...can you come up with the following for a pedestrian code who also presents with an amputated limb: "he would have lost his...
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    "Black Clouds"

    Funny you should mention that, as i was told about 4 hours ago, again that my response vehicle should rather be painted black. I told the crew that it was not me, but rather the omen of the 3rd year student working with me. He has subsquently been dubbed as the Grim Reaper (Seeing we started...
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    Confessions of an EMT dropout

    We need more of this type of publicity in order to educate the public as to what, when, how and why we do the things we do. I most certainly related to the humour, and had a good chuckle!!
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    Fire destroys truck full of extinguishers

    Ha-Ha!! Be sure not to purchase one of those fire extinguishers!!!
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    Teen from SC decapitated after being struck by Batman roller coaster at Six Flags

    Teenagers...He was probibly doing the "cool" deed to go in there, where as an adult (some at least) would consider it stupity. I guess restricted areas can be compaired to traffic and other laws: Lets see why they are in place...
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    Paramedic thief caught on video

    Welcome to my world!! No wonder patients and other medical professionals mostly say that it was the ambo crew who stole it, when a personal item goes missing. We have it all the time, and i am sure that we don't know half of it. I get the response that the patient (moreso blue code) does not...
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    Local groups, including a fire department, raise money with fireworks.

    A noble act intended for a worthy cause. It is good that they promote the safe use of fireworks to their customers. Personally I do not encourage the use of fireworks, as i have seen what it has done to people including kids. Yes a lot of it stupidity on behalf of the user or spectator...
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    7 Dead, 2 Injured In Medical Copter Collision

    Once again, our thoughts with those who lost a family member or good friend. Just to comment on the general discussion leading from the original post... From our side we hardly ever have a helo crash, let alone a medical helo. I think the reason is simple: We don't have that many. Maybe...
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    2 things i need some luck for....

    I'm sure by now you've completed both tasks, if not, all the best of luck!!
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    Lefty or Righty?

    Hanging slightly to the right...
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    Selective Immobilization/Cervical Spine Clearance

    Does your queston refer to suspeted c-spine injuries in specific? Not all injuries, as per say require spinal immobolisation, for example a fracture of the forearm obtained by blunt force trauma. But should you suspect or mechanism indicates that there was trauma to the c-spine, or forces...
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    Another noob on board.. :)

    Welcome, and looking forward to reading your "dropped lines"!! Ops.
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    Little nervous..

    It may be helpfull to perform a supportive duty on scene. Allow the more expeirenced medics to treat the patient, and you can observe and get involved from the outside inwards, by passing and setting up equipment. Try and avoid the family members, as they might ask you questions you will not...
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    Is an ET Tube Really ALS?

    Got here a bit late, and not a lot left to say, except for maybe enhancing the the point. I can take a newspaper vendor off the side of the road and teach him how to intubate in not even 10 minutes. Does this now allow him to do so in future?? The most difficuilt aspect of intubation is not...