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    Ambulances held hostage

    California has Nurse to patient ratios that are imbedded in law. 1 Nurse to 4 patients for the ED. So even if there are unoccupied beds in the ED, if they have maxed out the ratio you have to wait.
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Here in SoCal we have a fairly large number of elderly ladies originally from New York. Many of them with obvious Brooklyn accents. When transporting them between facilities I would get my first set of vitals and make sure they were comfortable. I would then say "I hear an accent in your voice...
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    AMR cant staff, fire/ sheriff transport

    Just a few observations about this subject. That day in the area was a notable fluke. I have not seen that same thing happen before or since. But in general the Antelope Valley has always been a difficult place to run an ambulance company. It's a huge area, with a lot of poor people, and 2 to 8...
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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    I predict a baby boom around next Christmas time.
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    AMR Santa Clarita

    AMR Santa Clarita has 24 hour shifts and 12 hour shifts that work either Sun , Mon, Tues, and every other Weds or Thurs, Fri, Sat, and every other Weds. The 24 hour shifts are on the Kelly Schedule and the 12 hour shifts start times range from early morning to afternoon.
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    LA County Fire.....

    In L.A. County Protocol for one pre-hospital team handing a patient off to another, i.e. County Fire Squad handing patient off to EMT Unit for BLS transport, the receiving team must agree to accept patient care. Now if you're going to insist that they follow up with patient they feel only needs...
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    Left Behind Gurney

    Yeah, had this happen once. Many years ago. After transferring the patient to the ER bed we placed the gurney against the wall in the hallway. My partner and I went in opposite directions to do important stuff I'm sure. I came back to find gurney/partner gone and walked out to the rig where I...
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    Resources for mapping?

    What ?!!!! Did somone say Thomas Brothers maps are no longer being printed? Thats how I learned my way around when I first got into EMS almost 30 years ago! I have trained hundreds of new EMTs to use them. They dont break when you drop them, they don't have batteries that die, and they don't...