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    AMR LA County Hiring Process, everything you need to know (hopefully)

    Thank you so much for this! I just applied to AMR and received a response with what they needed. This helps a lot for finalizing the prep work =]
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    EMT Transition question.

    Awesome! Thank you for letting me know =]
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    EMT Transition question.

    I'm actually waiting for the vendor to reply to my inquiry sent before I posted. =]
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    EMT Transition question.

    I have questions about my transition requirements also. My original NREMT level was EMT-B with an expiration of 3/31/13 Recertified~Now the level is NREMT EMT with an expiration of 3/31/16 Sorry if this sounds incredibly dumb. When I took the original course, I was led to believe that I...