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  • just keeping busy with work and all, 100 hour weeks so I can afford to take some colorado ski trips this winter. my brother tells me it is starting to get chilly in the bolder area, which means I need to start saving $$$ now.
    Do you have a Facebook? Look up Nicole Weprek

    Check out my "Couponing Stuff" pics lol...nothing compared to the "Extreme Couponer" though. When I first learned to coupon with a purpose I got a bit addicted to say the least. lol.
    6'0"? Psh...a pip-squeak. I be a bit over 6'2". Lol! Ummmmas for what I thought you looked like, for some reason I was picturing something a little more like.........I dunno.........your avatar? :blush:
    That is a relief! Loosing structures is never fun. Especially if they belong to you or your family. :-S So the boy is stuck on a tender, eh? Working Slide Creek (my first project fire) I could not understand how the water guys didn't go crazy. Of course I am the kind of person who has the be there right against the line, getting absolutely filthy while trying to kill fire with a shovel. (Yes, sometimes I do question my sanity.)

    Anyhow, glad to hear things are being brought under control down there.
    Wow I'm friends with a person that has their name in red. The power I now have is.......
    I am not doing a christmas tree this year. Since I live alone, and I am not having anyone come over to my house for christmas.. Someone else can do all the cooking and the clean up after the holidays :p

    Just been working a ton. I am in the middle of a 36, I had to take 12 off from my last shift due to a good friend of mine going into the Hospital and I spend 3 days with her there, and I am going back there after my shift is over. She will be fine though, has to have surgery to fix her Gastric Pacemaker, A lead came loose and they have to re attach it.
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