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    New EMT and Pregnant?

    I think the two bright pink lines are telling enough ha. I can see all your points. Around here, being a woman is bad enough, especially with all of the older employees. It’s extremely sexist, and most of the guys I know have specifically said they don’t want to work with a woman in the first...
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    New EMT and Pregnant?

    I can understand the confusion. My area of service is very traditional. Men (it is mostly men) do not want women in the service and are very obvious about it. A local woman actually had to file a lawsuit recently and it was taken to federal court last week.
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    New EMT and Pregnant?

    Well, absolutely my job. I simply don’t know how to handle the social aspect of a situation like this with a job I’ve never experienced before. I think I should at least until FTO phase is over and all of that is taken care of. I don’t trust them to not let me go for another “reason” during a...
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    New EMT and Pregnant?

    I would probably only qualify for a 6 week medical leave which I understand. They can’t really fire me for that but since I’ll be in training/FTO phase for almost a month they can fire me for any reason really. I think I should wait until after that for sure. I just really worry about the social...
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    New EMT and Pregnant?

    It looks as if I am likely pregnant (blatantly positive home test but no blood test yet). My husband and I were 100% preventing, careful and consistent, and absolutely did NOT want this right now. This was seriously a 1 in 100 chance. However, I don’t believe in abortion and so am going through...
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    Am I being impatient?

    LOL. I’m just now going through the hiring process now (looking promising!). It’s been almost 6 months since I first applied. Not to mention the part time fire department I applied for is just now looking to review their applications and it’s been about 10 months for them. You probably have a...
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    AMR Kansas?

    Hey y’all! Last week I took the entrance exam for AMR here in Kansas. I finished top 5 so I received an interview for this Friday the 9th. First off, what should I expect? I’ve done tons of interviews, and always done well. I’ve also done interviews for the largest fire department around...