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    This just happened...

    T-boned a truck. Sorry, can't post any more details, as this will obviously be going under investigation. But everyone involved was pretty lucky in the outcome.
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    This just happened...

    Not my doing, thankfully. As they said to us in class, "Don't make it YOUR emergency."
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    What do you hate the most when you start your shift?

    I must be pretty lucky because I've never had to deal with any of these at my service. We have a low call volume, so we always have the time to do it and I work with good enough people that they will actually do it.
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    First call as EMT-B

    My first call was a transfer and I drove (yes, exciting). My 2nd (and 1st emerg call) was an MVA. I remember it fairly well. It's the only MVA I've had to date, too.
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    Nitrous Oxide vs. Morphine Sulfate

    That's so bizarre...I know it's called laughing gas, but the only reaction I've ever seen patients have to it is nausea/vomiting/lightheadedness - nothing pleasant.
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    Sleeping arrangements

    We only have one 1-bedroom apartment, so we have to share, male or female. It's against the law, but our supervisor doesn't care. I personally get along fine with the male partner I have for 2 out of the 4 days of my rotations, so I don't mind sharing living quarters with him (the guy who's with...
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    SUV hits ambulance headon, kills driver of SUV

    Ambulance driver got lucky, with that steering wheel in the way!
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    What is going on?

    Yup, there's always a spike in psych issues in the spring.
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    Difference between EMR and EMT-B?

    You guys have clinicals for EMT-Bs, correct? Or does that vary state to state, too? Because we don't have any clinical requirements for that aspect of training would definitely allow EMT-Bs to be better prepared for working than EMRs. Just thinking of my EMT-A/I practicum, I had worked...
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    Difference between EMR and EMT-B?

    I think EMR/EMT-B scope of practice is actually different, and the differences vary state-to-state. I have no idea what the national competencies are for EMT-B, but from reading this forum, I've found instances where the EMT-B scope was below EMR (e.g. not allowed to take BGL) and where it was...
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    So I finished my EMT/EMT-I practicum a few weeks absolutely miserable experience that has created in me a bona fide aversion to EMS. I am currently debating the merits of even paying for the provincial licensing exam to upgrade to EMT. Thankfully, I still found that I loved interacting...
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    Moving From Alberta to British Columbia

    MAGIC! Now, if someone told us where to send our timesheets on April 15th....:wacko:
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    Four year degree

    ??? Got a dude at my job who just finished it and he said it was 3 years.
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    Four year degree

    Yes...after all, those zero-to-hero programs (EMR---->paramedic) end up taking 3 years, anyway. Why not make it a bit more in-depth and turn it into a 4-year BSc?
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    EMT Courses in Alberta

    OMG, I went to AHASTI and was treated like dirt. Their staff has a real attitude with the students. From day 1, I was repeatedly given the impression was that the school was not there for me, but the other way around. Go anywhere else. Oh yeah, and never heard anything bad about PMA.