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    Do you carry ammonia inhalants

    Last night, my crew was dispatched to a 14 year old unconscious. we arrive, and my captain starts doing paperwork, while I start assessing the patient. hx of migraines., but hasn't taken any meds for it. the physical assessment looks good, nothing super alarming, a quick look at his eyes...
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    that is a very fair point... I was more worried about catching my coworker's conjunctivitis or having him pass it along to one of our elderly and possibly immunocompromised patients... I guess we all have different priorities
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    back when I was on the ambulance, I was assigned to work with a person who had full blown pink eye. I was like, "go home sick" and he didn't want to... and the supervisor wasn't going to send him home when I mentioned this to her, so....
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    What is considered shock trauma?

    ooo pick me pick me!!
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    What is considered shock trauma?

    he's being sarcastic... Shock trauma is typically a multisystem trauma (often involving shock), where a trauma team swarms the patient when they arrive at the ER... trauma is a much more general term.
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    What is considered shock trauma?

    Why not go directly to the source?
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    Is your public EMS service providing interfacility transports?

    They aren't. Those are the codes utilized in the Priority Dispatching™ system by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch™ (NAED™). Powerphone's codes are different, as are APCO's and NECI's; it all depends on which vendor your dispatch center decides to go with --signed, a former EMD...
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    I use it because I'm nosey, and I want to know where Engine12/Ladder12 is going when I hear sirens (their station is a few blocks away from my house and I'm two blocks from a major road). I'm also nosey about what happens in the rest of the county, especially if they have a major incident.
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    Is your public EMS service providing interfacility transports?

    I believe you are misinterpreting what you are seeing... Some agencies (including the EMS agency in the county I live in) call any 911 call to another facility a "transfer" because you are picking up from one facility that has healthcare personnel on staff to another (exactly as @NomadicMedic...
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    Is the EMT field growing and are they in demand?

    Yes and no... healthcare is in demand because people are getting older and sicker, and call volumes are trending upwards, as they have for decades. as for what is the demand in your particular area, that depends on many factors... if I was you I would look at local job listings, or reach out to...
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    EMS Training Officer Alamance County, NC Full-time - $48,465.00 - $77,546.00 Annually

    Job Purpose Work includes preparing and conducting training classes in various phases of emergency medical work, such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills, special equipment training, and extrication. Work also includes instructing departmental personnel in the...
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    What is your service doing to attract applicants?

    I'm assuming/hoping you are talking about volunteers right? As for the original question: my former agency in NJ has increased starting salaries by almost $5 an hour since I was there (TT1825: Probationary Rate: $22.99/hr.; Job Rate: $23.49/hr.; Two Year Rate:$24.20/hr.) They have also...
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    What is your service doing to attract applicants?

    until the next administration eliminates that perk... as happened to us a few years ago...
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    I'm new here

    That sandwich belonged to @ffemt8978? he didn't label it, and I had the munchies last night... But don't worry, it was really tasty
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    Heads Up CPR

    One of the heads up CPR vendors sent me this information... Not going to lie, if this is accurate, than it could be a game changer....