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    MedStar Hiring?

    sounds like a great question to direct to medstar in fort worth here, I'll even help you out:
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    Statpacks Load-n-Go

    We have that as one of our BLS bags; the inside is tall enough to hold an oxygen cylinder and a bunch of other crap. We keep a lot of our small bandages in the front compartment (4x4s, bandaids), as well as some benadryl, albuterol, and other small items. the left side is usually any liquids...
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    Prehospital treatment for croup

    can you cite a source that you are basing that information on? my son received dex 3 times in the ER for croup, and only the first time did he get epi. again, going solely based on my experiences, giving any medication PO when my son is having a croup attack doesn't work, because he fights us...
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    Are they called "Paramedics" or "Medics"?

    because it beats being called ambulance drivers
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    Prehospital treatment for croup

    Unfortunately, yesterday was a hot and humid day in NC (90 degree day with 80% humidity), so the cool air was not an option. Our ambulances carry solu-medrol, but no dex and can give nebulized epi 1:1000 (1 mg in 2 ml NS) for stridor (as well as a 5mg albuterol treatment, which doesn't make...
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    Prehospital treatment for croup

    that was kind of my question.... does anyone carry Dexamethasone with the ability to administer it IM? Does anyone has a protocol they would be willing to share the allowed the administration of nebulized epi for croup? Can you explain the mechanism behind how Nebulized water / NS would help...
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    Brady Books

    @jess18, providing you a copy of a $100+ book is a copywrite violation, and would be stealing the intellectual property of someone else. And that's wrong. You might be able to find it in your local library.
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    Prehospital treatment for croup

    Yesterday, my son experienced a croup attack. Woke up from his nap screaming, crying, barking, etc, because he was having trouble breathing. With this not being his first bout (he's been in the ER at least 3 times for it, usually at 11pm), since it was 4pm, we took him to the pediatrician's...
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    Question about age (Do you feel EMS has an age limit)

    Use to work with a medic in his 70s. As long as you can do the job, then this job has no age limit (as evidenced by many older and broken medics who are still working on the truck, but i digress)
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    Our station was broken into.

    wait a minute: so you, as a supervisor, would be ok with each person having a key, and a 3rd key being in the truck with the engine running, and the doors unlocked? Once thing I have learned in all my time of employment (both in fire and ems and in corporate world) is that if you don't ask for...
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    Dizziness while driving

    any change to the patient's condition is you lay him down? I'm assuming much of his symptoms were while he was sitting upright in the car. other than the obvious answer of lupus, it sounds like HEMS would be the appropriate call, based on his presentation. dude is sick, and needs to go see a...
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    EMT / EMS / First Responder Helmet Decal / Sticker

    you do realize that is a firefighter helmet right? and in case you were wondering, $7 is a little pricey for a sticker, and yours, quite honestly, isn't all that appealing. If you wanted to check out some of your competitors, feel free to look at...
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    Arrest Resuscitation

    Awesome job, you've earned this:
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    Our station was broken into.

    so one for you, one for your partner, and one to leave in the ignition with the engine running and the doors unlocked.... yeah I can't see how that could end poorly. :rolleyes:
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    Is it okay to go to an interview if you're not sure you want the job or not?

    You've passed the national registry exams? and have an NREMT card in hand, I'd apply, and note your state card is pending (assuming it's just the state to do a paperwork shuffle and send you the state card). I mean, the application for a texas card is handled online at...