Why did you choose to stop at BLS?


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I'm in paramedic school right now, i just started 2 weeks ago. I too have the personality flaw that i just can't stop until i'm at the top. For a long time i thought i wanted to be a doctor and specialize in emergency medicine (which i still may do, i'm confused at the moment) so i thought doing this would be a good job in the mean time and give me some experience. But now i don't know what i want to do, eather way becoming a paramedic will be another stepping stone for me. I am also in college getting my bachelors in Biological sciences. While i am in medic school though i am taking lots of online courses and only taking one major course per semester. So it will take me a bit longer to have my degree but i think it is worth it! Oh and you can't beat it when your family helps you out with the financial issues of P school :p


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Well I have been an EMT here now for 3 years and going to be starting medic school in January. I am continuing on because of three reasons:

1- It will be something that my kids can look up to nad be proud of.
2- I will be able to do the most I can for my Pt's with added skills and assessment.
3- Starting salary for a medic around here is 45,000.00/Yr plus benefits

I think those are 3 good reasons to continue on and become a medic. Another reason also is that with minimal training over our normal medic course I can do critical care transports without becoming an RN. And get paid pretty well equal to one.....