What would you be doing if you werent in EMS?


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So lets say you weren't in EMS, what would be your next career choice? Why did you choose EMS over that?

Hopefully I'll have a career as a high school teacher, and have the ability to be involved in EMS in some way. I'll let you know in a year how that goes :D

What about you?


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I'm somewhat unique in that even though I'm a volunteer FF, my career closely mirrors that. In general terms, I'm a "occupational health and safety professional", which means I work in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. That includes developing safety programs, conducting training, inspecting equipment and work operations. It also includes responding to and investigating injuries and illnesses when they occur, which means having EMS training is a big advantage. It also includes such things are fire protection/prevention, emergency preparedness, etc.

My current job involves conducting safety/loss control audits for public schools. I look at a variety of things, including fire safety, property damage, security and student/staff safety, including playground safety for elementary schools. Prior to that, I did safety training and served as a hazardous materials responder for ConocoPhillips in their pipeline and terminal operations, and before that I was the safety engineer for a major newspaper. That was when I first got involved in EMS through setting up a "medical emergency response team" when the in-house medical department was closed.