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Are any of you planning on attending the upcoming EMS Conference in Syracuse, NY in October? I'd like to attend myself, but I haven't taken (or passed/failed) my state test yet (it's next week on 9/20/18), and won't get the results until just after the Conference is over. Any advice whether I should attend or not? The courses look interesting, and I can use CMEs for knowledge.
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While I'm not going, I did look at the brochure found here:

Some very good topics: I know both Skip and Amy personally, and they are both pro EMS, and many of the other topics are definitely worth attending.

that being said, it's $250, and your driving to Syracuse, either commuting or getting a hotel for at least Saturday night. Since you don't have your state card yet, you might not get any CMEs for any of the presentations, but as you said, you can learn a lot about the topics.

If I was in our position, and I did end up going, I would look at the following topics: 1A/1D/1E, 2B, 3A/3D/3E, 4A/4C, 5A/5E, and 6A/6C/6D. Those are sessions that are directly related to your experience and what you will be doing, and stuff that is useful to your career (especially the violence ones and sleep deprivation ones)

Maybe I will go next year. Dinosaur BBQ is awesome.