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Vegan EMS boots

Discussion in 'Ambulances and Equipment' started by Darteous, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. NysEms2117

    NysEms2117 Parole officer/EMT

    A mattress, a car, boots/footwear, and last but not least, whoever you spend your life with.
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  2. VentMonkey

    VentMonkey Forum Deputy Chief Premium Member

    I haven't seen the original OP post since DE's original reply, then the other random rant begins. Do we have the first troll of 2017:confused:?...

    I think we've been had. Thinkin' sure is hard when you're a meatatarian:(. Good thing I like my veggies too, otherwise I may have not been able to put two and two together:oops:.

    But again, to keep it on topic (though I sense this thread will not end that way) I wouldn't care if you wore vegan only boots because you're a vegan. I guess it's just a specialty item, but like CAL and others have eluded to, if you're gonna shell out some serious dough for them, they may not be quite up to par with many of the top of the line tactical fire/ EMS boots is all, so you may end up spending more money in the long run replacing them.

    Bonus points if you can find steel-toed vegan-friendly boots. I can't not wear steel toes. Getting my tootsies mooshed?? That would be a travesty.
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  3. luke_31

    luke_31 Forum Asst. Chief

    Had the gurney run over my boots on several occasions and working around firefighters who love to drop things. Definitely need steel toe or composite toe boots, don't even feel it when the gurney rolls over my boot.
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    CALEMT The Other Guy

    Or when you drop a H tank on your boots...
  5. hometownmedic5

    hometownmedic5 Forum Crew Member

    I understand vegetarianism. I don't particularly care for the ideology and don't practice it, but I understand it.

    The ultra radical form, veganism, however I just don't get. Namely the leather part. The cow was raised for meat, kept in terrible conditions, likely suffered one level or another of what could be called abuse, and was then slaughtered and eaten. I can see why someone might not want to take part in that; but the leather is a by product. We don't raise cows for leather, at least not average every day leather you would make boots out of. We're way ahead of leather demands trying to keep up with beef demands. In short, using leather that would otherwise be thrown out to my eyes isn't perpetuating the cruel treatment of animals, it's actually lending some value to the process. For sure, I'll never understand it; but as long as nobody tries to force it on me, I couldn't care less what somebody believes.

    In regards to the OP and follow up with the same question, I can't say for certain as I've never cared to look, but I'm sure somebody makes an all synthetic boot. It probably won't be cheap, nor will it last as long as leather, but those are the consequences of your choice. A google that took less time to execute that it has taken to describe has several options for you.
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  6. WildlandEMT89

    WildlandEMT89 Forum Lieutenant

    I was a vegan for some time so I understand where you are coming from. That being said a good pair of leather boots that are well cared for will last ages and have far less impact on the environment than purchasing up to two pairs of synthetic boots a year for the duration of your career. Ultimately my mindset changed to "well it's already been sacrificed for this cause, it would be a shame for it to go to waste."

    Also before you purchase look into your agencies requirements for footwear.

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