UTAH Heli Rescue


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My news feed just produced this article. Interesting story. I purchased a Garmin InReach Mini a couple months ago and seeing stories like this confirms I made the right decision.

Side note — does anyone know what heli company this is? It says ‘Utah DPS’ which to me means District Police Service, but there’s clearly a ‘medic’ sticker on the one helmet and these guys are obviously trained in rescue. Joint task force perhaps?

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The fire extinguisher is not just for show


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Utah Department of Public Safety (Utah Highway Patrol) has a few helicopters scattered across the state.
The story was he and his wife/SO were hiking he got his 1 leg stuck to the knee in quicksand in water that was 40 Deg F; and air temp in the 30's all shade (no sun ever hits that part of the canyon) with his other leg on a ledge so he wasn't going down anymore.
She left him both jackets, hats, and his gloves and she hiked out for help (no cell service till almost 3 miles past the trail head). they were hiking for 3 hours, mostly down hill, so she had to go uphill, it took her almost 4 hours to get to the car, then drive for help, another 30 minutes for Rangers and SAR to get to the trail head, and then almost 2.5 more hours to get to him. His core temp was down to 91 deg F (just from the knee) he was moving the rest of his body around to try and keep warm.
The SAR team got him out and to a wide spot on the trail and they hoisted him out and to a hospital. They were able to save his leg, the last I heard.