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That holds true with the kinds of responses you got. Though not an official policy (nor something I, personally condone -- see above), brand new posters to the site are likely to get challenged by our legion of self-designated Gatekeepers.

It's not about malice.

I might be a little brash, but it's not malicious, I assure you. Most people simply lack the ability or will to be critically self-assessing. My goal is to force people to do so for their own benefit, that of their patients and (potential) colleagues.


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:p Very true! I realized how low the USAF's actual standards for everything but education and housing are once I got temporarily attached to an Army unit. To more accurately describe one of Air Force's 'Core Values': "Excellence in all we do....or at least the superficial appearance thereof when someone is watching us." :rolleyes: You will never find someone more critical of the Air Force than I am. I am far from one of their fans. LOL

Well done sir...

Not all the boys in blue are that bad. I have had the pleasure to work with and train quite a few Pararescue folks and have to say they were some of the most hardcore of any branch we trained with.

Thanks for your service to our country, and for taking the jab.