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I am considering a distance learning degree from the University of Florida (which is a very prestigious school)... it's a Bachelor's Degree, and the major is Fire and Emergency Services.

I just wanted to ask, for those who may have done something similar, would the cost and effort of this degree truly help me in the field of EMS?

Here is the link below if you are interested...

University of Florida: Fire and Emergency Services Bachelor of Science

Let me know your thoughts...

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I've looked into it, I was pursuing the same thing originally. The only advantage to having an:

AS in EMS is a 2% salary raise and you become an instructor, and can move into management eventually (with enough road time)

BS in EMS is another 2% salary raise

Masters is available, but I didn't go that far.

From talking to the captian of our EMS dept, who was my EMT instructor, the best thing is to become an EMT, then get your RN AS degree, challenge the medic test and get your bachelors in Nursing. (Here in SW FL, you can do the last year & a half of your BS degree online). This gives you many more options and a lot more money than the EMS degrees.

Now I'm in Naples, so things might be different there, but look into it. This is what I'm doing and what I know for my area. I hope it helps, good luck on whichever you decide.


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Here in Arkie I think once you are a paramedic, you can get in 5yrs exp, then take 40hr instructors course to teach EMTB courses. Then I think for every level you want to teach you have to get an additional 40 hrs. I could be wrong though.

But as far as getting a Masters in EMS, sure its a nice boost, but as Chimpie said, you have to have truck time before any service will allow you a management position, and most universities want 10+ yrs road exp. before becoming an instructor at their institution full time.

As for me, I plan on getting 1-2 years exp as a basic then move onto paramedic school and get that taken care of, then get another 5 yrs exp. as a medic then go get my instructors certifications. Then when Im not physically able to do the job anymore, I'll become a full-time EMS instructor until I die of old age.