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New update: Got a call from the LA County EMS Program Head. He had spoken with the Deputy Director of Ventura County EMS and discussed the situation in question.
In that discussion the attached regulation (Section 2423-1.3 (b), which my management gave as evidence of legality for LA units to operate in Ventura County) was said to make the further discussion about destination facilities a moot point. Turns out that the regulation applies to BLS transports only and that ALS IFT transports from Ventura County facilities by non-Ventura County accredited units are not allowed since these crews are not Ventura County accredited and as such fall outside of their medical control.
We did all agree that the language of the regulations was rather vague but this does come from the Deputy Director of EMS in Ventura County so I’ll be taking his word over any other. And with that I think I can consider the matter closed.


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It's not at all vague. If your ambulance company isn't an authorized Ventura County EMS provider, they may not provide ANY services entirely within Ventura County unless there's a mutual aid need. You may pick up or drop off but one leg of that transport must be a place where your company IS authorized to provide services, and in your case, where YOU are authorized to provide ALS services if you are to do ALS monitoring of any kind.

OP, as a medic, if you aren't Ventura County Accredited, you may not provide ALS services entirely within Ventura County unless you're functioning under mutual aid. You should be very much aware of this limitation. I'm also a medic. I was accredited with Sacramento County EMS when I was actively working. I could do point-to-point transports within Sacramento, or I could transport patients out of Sacramento County to anywhere else or I could retrieve patients from outside of Sacramento to bring them to Sacramento. Because I was NOT accredited in any other EMS systems, I was not authorized to provide ALS service outside of this. I'm now a CCT-RN and I can provide CCT-RN care to company standards in any county where my company is authorized to provide CCT services. That being said, I do NOT follow any specific EMS protocols as I'm NOT a part of the EMS system.