NREMT-P and State medic test


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I have found most schools in the central FL and I'm assuming other large metro areas that boast 98-99% pass rates on the first attempt, yet people fail because they neglect to study the necessary material.
Quick tip: Don't read your book .. for the most part the time spent in my Brady book, aka "the brick", was a huge waste of time. Reading through this only complicated the most basic concepts, and offers information way beyond the scope of what you need to know for the test.

Only 2 things you need... a Comprehensive study guide (i.e Rambling thoughts, your lecture/lab tests from medic school) and an A&P review book, I purchased "The Handy Anatomy Answer Book - just for review, A&P term/concept questions are gimmes on any test.

I just passed the FL state medic test, first attempt, and I thought it was a reasonable test for the most part..

I plan on taking the NREMT-P, and have heard it is a bit more demanding. I'm wondering if it has to do with the type of test. FL medic was straight up 150 questions over 2.5 hours, where NREMT is computer adaptive. I saw more scenario based, assessment questions asking for a probable diagnosis on the FL test. From my experience with the NREMT-B test, I expect to see more decision-based, "what-do-you-do-next/first" questions, and more challenging pathophysiology and pharmacology. (I only had 2-3 questions on drugs/doses on FL test, a simple question on converting lbs to kilos, only 1 med math that I could use the clock method to calculate rate for a lido-drip, really FL DOH?)

Anyone else take FL medic and NREMT-P, can evaluate the two?