New Year and Welcome!


I put the M in EMTLife
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It's 2005 already, weren't you supposed to remind me me capt?

The site is practically a year old, and over the past year we've become one hell of a dysfunctional family... I mean crew.

We have 'ole Chimp winning awards, finding new jobs, and being stranded on islands without internet access unable to post on EMTLife, well you get the point.

We have rescuecpt who first an Lt, saved a few lives, did a few chest compressions, and did a few ambu-slaps to become the captain she is.

SafetyPro picked up another 10 random safety certifications. He is now officially the safety pro. No, really, he is.

MariaCatEMT fills in with great stories, and lastcode, one of our first members, pops in every so often to offer some great words of wisdom.

I've never been so honored to be part of such a great community. You people make this place what it is, and as I see all the new people on the board I sincerely appreciate everything you, our regulars, did to make this place so great.

Thank you for everything, and I hope to spend many years with you great people.

Happy New Year, and maybe you can be part of 2005's year in review ;)


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awww, shucks.