New Forums!


I put the M in EMTLife
Community Leader
83 now has several new sub-forums. As we continue to grow, it's likely that we'll add more as members and Community Leaders see fit.

Here they are:

EMS-Related News
A place for members to post news EMS-related news stories.
- There is where members and community leaders can post news stories, along with commenting on ones already posted. If you work a call that makes the news, and you're in the article, let us know by posting it here. Have a news story that you want to share with fellow EMTs, this would be the place.

EMS Humor
It's humor what gets us through the shift, and now you can share your EMS humor with the rest of us.
- I haven't been in EMS for a long time, but I know that humor is one thing that gets many people through the tough shift. Post jokes, links, or anything a bit comical.

General Advertising
Have a new product you want to promote? This forum is the place to advertise a product, idea, site, or anything really.
- Besides having a "for sale" and "wanted" forum, we now have one for general advertising. Lets keep the spam to a minimum though, it still isn't allowed.

Thanks for all the members for their suggestions, I hope you like the additions. As we continue to grow, we may add additional forums. As always, feel free to contact me at matt(at), or the moderators at moderators(at)

Thanks for making what it is!