My battle with cancer..


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I've mostly been a lurker here and haven't posted much, though I've done a lot of reading. I'll give the short story..

I had just started my Paramedic class when I got diagnosed with Testicular cancer. My instructor refused to let me drop and pushed me the entire time, I attended class the day after surgery and hardly missed a day. I would drive 1 hour to UofM for 8 hours a day 5 days a week in the infusion center getting my chemotherapy, then drive 1 hour to class to sit through 6 hours of lecture, labs etc.. Then the 1 hour drive home.. I was stage IIIA

I refused to quit even when I found out it spread to my lymph nodes, abd and all through my lungs, I always went to class. Now part of me wanted to show my 2 kids you never quit.. Well thanks to an awesome instructor I passed then passed all my NREMTP tests first attempt. As I began to heal, get stronger and the hair began to grow back I decided to take control of my life.

I had kept responding to calls on my local FD the entire time I was sick and now I was working full time and responding to about 60% of all calls. I worked the Detroit area and then attended a CCT class where I began to do Vent transfers etc. Got a job with HVA briefly and then in an ER where I was able to really develop my hands on skills. I was an EMS junky, filling my time in between checkups with nothing but EMS and family.

One day I decided I was going to move back to Nashville to finish pursuing my songwriting career and work EMS down there. I nailed my first interview and got a job working for Williamson County, got an apartment on Music Row and the rest is history.. That is the EXTREMELY short version:rolleyes:

Anyway out of that sickness spawned a drive to help others and to go out and live life. I had an awaking, an epiphany that was caused by honestly thinking I was going to die. It has made me a better husband, father and Paramedic..

When I was sick I began to write notes to my wife and children, you know the "what if" notes.. Well I wrote a song today and part of that came from a letter I wrote for my wife. It's a very personal song and it really puts things into perspective for me. Dont take a single day for granted because in a flash it can be gone, I know that first hand.. Anyway I thought I'd share it. The song is called "Times a Tickin"

I'm thankful everyday I didn't have to give that note to my wife and kids, and I still think cancer was the BEST thing that ever happened to me..

1+ year cancer free....



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Wow... Congratulations on ALL of your many accomplishments. I'm glad to hear you have beaten it


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Thanks Hoofguy,

Both the song and the story are wonderful. My better half was also treated for TCa just before he started his Paramedic program. He hardly missed a beat at the fire department durimg treatment and a little over year later, got his Medic. I will be sure to share your post with him. I think he will appreciate it as much as we all do. Good luck with both careers and stay well.

PS: we also live in the Detroit area.



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I think that it is wonderful that you are 1 year cancer free! It's funny how there is always that one person in your life that won't let you give up no matter what. Just don't forget to thank them, for yesterday's a given, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a blessing. My stepfather has been battling bladder cancer since '81....keeps going into remission and then popping back up. I hope and pray that you stay cancer free for the rest of your life.
God Bless.


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Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us. It's going to give a lot of people inspiration on here. We are around sick people almost every day and we are a comforting hand for them. To be put in their position is something completely different.
Congrats on your 1 year being cancer free. Your kids can really say that their dad is a true hero.


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Slippery Floor...


Thanks for the song! F you if you think you don't have the voice; it knocked me on my butt!

First off it's YOUR voice and that's the only one that can tell the tale; Secondly you don't have to stretch one iota to recognize a world-class country song sung in World Class Country! PLEASE do not deprive us of it.

None of us is gonna be here long and I want to hear more about how you apply what you're learning now to what you experienced then as a medic.

What have you come back to teach us?

Blessings to you and yours and...
(You've already got this down)
Love the time you've been given!


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I just read your post and I am going through exactly the same thing you did. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 8/24 and had surgery the next day to remove my left testicle. I am currently in chemo and have been through one round and go back for the 2nd next week. It is awesome to hear your story and how you was able to stick with your classes and achieve your dream. I am in school right now to get my medic degree also and am staying in my classes and doing my best to keep my grades up. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me something to look forward to after this battle. Shoot me a message sometime and we can go over notes lol.. Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween weekend.



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First off thank you for the comments, I'm glad I was able to share the story and the song.

Travis go back on my facebook page and start from the beginning of my notes, there is a lot of good reading in there.. Please don't hesitate for a second to ask questions or if you just need to vent or talk about something. I've got some pretty good tips as far as anti nausea med cocktails that really work and things to expect. Keep in touch..

Once again thanks for listening folks.


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wow, 12 year necro bump.... impressive.