Lots of Portable Lights For Sale


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Got some lights left from my thinning the collection. Located in cnetral Florida.

Maxabeam Gen 1 Searchlight. Tad too big to haul on the bike, but if you're a boater or doing search and rescue, this is the ticket. You've seen it in Hollywood: Jurassic Park, Demolition Man, and don't forget Scully and Muldaur hauling one around in X Files. This has a 12,000,000 CandlePower output and a range of over 3,500 meters, the Maxa Beam is the world’s most powerful handheld searchlight. The searchlight features a motorized beam width that allows the user to vary the beam from a 1° spot to a 40° flood with the press of a button as well as a strobe mode that turns the Maxa Beam into a disorienting non-lethal weapon. Used to use it for swat entries.
Light comes with the original Pelican case, original charger, new battery, coiled power and cigar lighter plugs. $600




Fenix TK40. Runs on 8 AA batteries. Lots of bright! Listed as 630 lumens. Played with it and put it away. $50


Thrunite TN11. 800 lumens. Can run on 1 18650 or 2 CR123s. Add the adapter and run it on 3 CR123s. Unused, in the box. $40.00 shipped



Pelican 3660 Little Ed firefighter light. Its rechargeable, but I don't have the charger. We used to gang charge them at the station. The battery pack can be replaced with 4 AAs so you can use them if you don't have a charger. $75.00


Solarforce light. 800 lumens, runs on 2 18650 lights. Dual intensity to conserve battery life. Very well used cosmetically but runs great. $50