Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?


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There are plenty of reasons to avoid morphine when other (cleaner) opioids are an option, but I don't think fear of inducing seizures is a good one.
I entirely agree. I was thinking about seizures when I wrote that post (classic Ferudian slip), but due to the unique way this forum is run I wasn’t able to correct my post to read ‘pro-emetic effects’. I thought about making a follow-up post to identify the error but it was an irrelivant part to the greater point I was trying to make so I didn’t think anyone would get caught up on it. ...evidently I was wrong. Lol (Seriously, can we PLEASE get rid of this 10minute edit-time thing???).

That said, I genuinely do appreciate the Morphine pro-convulsant literature (I’ve also heard the stories of chest-rigidity with Fentanyl, so it’s nice to have a sense of context about it all). Also that’s a really good suggestion re: a prepared speech for Fentanyl. Thanks.
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