Is it normal to be treated bad by your FTO?


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Thanks everyone for your advice. Please don't totally knock me. I would never want to be viewed as a whiner and any communication I would need to have with anyone would occcur very professionally and tactfully. It is just hard enough to be new and go through nastiness when I don't treat ANYONE like that. And, just so you know, I am a woman :p Thanks again, and I appreciate you all!

I feel you their is def. still a lot of sexism in all the EMS services, police, etc...perhaps one day they will put policies in place to prevent this! Sounds like your partner sees you as inferior, it could very well be because you are female and he is male or it could be if she is female and there are some jealousy issues going on. I see these two scenarios all too often.


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Does this count as a save? Cause this thread was brought back from the dead.


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Does this count as a save? Cause this thread was brought back from the dead.
I don’t think so. After 10 years I’m pretty sure it’s DOA


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This thread does still have some valuable conversation on it, and it's not like crappy preceptors/fto(s) are going anywhere.

I licked the boots of my crappy preceptor for 3 months straight. Was constantly demeaned, and berated for not knowing EMS slang terms, and illnesses that went far beyond a typical entry level paramedics scope (Primary care paramedic in Canada). Happened mostly in hospital or wherever he could find an audience.

You will get through maybe humbled and beat down, but it will make you a better medic in the long run. The experience has made me a very different teacher and preceptor now. I do not want to condone these people's actions mind you, but through struggle we grow.

There is of course a limit, and when it is racist, homophobic, or attacks of that nature occur let the reports fly.


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I agree with sticking it out. It's just training and then you are done. And if you do need to bring it up, take the FTO to the side and tell them how you are not going to be disrespected in front of colleagues and patients. Criticism is good but to put someone down in front of a patient or colleague is unprofessional