In need of advice regarding where to study. Life changing decisions please help!


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Hello, I am Lebabese and have been a Red Cross first aider for about 3 years. I do everything in an ambulance except reading ekgs and any form of needles. I have completed over 2000 emergencies and have gained enough experience to pick this as a stable career. In need of your knowledge to help me decide where to go and study. A lot of places like Western Sydney is 20,000USD a year which is a lot of money for me. How can an international student with my experience accomplish this goal? Where ? Budget? Future salary?

Thank you all for your time


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Salary depends on where you go. Budget depends on where you to. where you go is up to you.

You should contact one of the schools in your area and discuss your questions with a college recruiter.

oh yeah, and future salary depends on where you end up working.