Hennepin and Allina EMS


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Hi all,
Are there any members who could give some insight into contrast between these agencies? I have a lot of interest in Hennepin EMS but have also been told to check out Allina's system as they seem to also have a good reputation.
What are main differences I would see working as a medic in Minneapolis vs St Paul? HEMS vs Allina?

On a similar note, does anyone have a link to Hennepin's protocols aside from this PDF? https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hen...-hennepin-county/ems/als-protocols-4-8-21.pdf
I had previously found a different link that had a more in depth showing of their protocol scope, but it is now saying the page is not valid anymore. Ex: airway management protocol for MAI/DSI.


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I worked for Allina for 27 years. Retired 4 years ago from them so I am sure there are some changes. They are a large system that covers inner city suburbs to very rural areas. The have multiple regions that have their own pluses and minuses. In the beginning you would probably be sent to a lot of them. As you move up in seniority you can bid the area you like. They have fairly aggressive protocols and are always for improvements.

They staff normally medic/emt with some medic/medic trucks. They provide 911 and interfacility ALS, BLS, ICU, transfers. Provide staffing for the Children's transport unit I enjoyed the mix of runs.

Is it a good company to work for? I thought it was. I felt like I was respected and treated fairly. They are a union shop. Not sure what the current wages are. But there is constant pressure to keep up with the area in pay. I would give them a try.

As for HCMC they are 911 only service. Very busy, also short on staff. Other services have been busy providing mutual aid to them on a daily basis. They try to stay at the top in pay. Their equipment is good. Both services use power load.

This shows their pay scale. You can also contact their union for more info. I would also do an online check for medic jobs in the area. Everyone seems to be hiring.