Graduate from paramedic school in a week. What's the next step?


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Hey everyone! So I graduate next week from Paramedic school. I would like to continue my education and get a bachelors degree, but I'm not sure what field to go into. Do any programs accept my paramedic degree towards a bachelors degree or will I basically be doing 4 more years of school? What did you do after your associates? Thanks in advance for your answers!


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Really depends on what your career goals are, so we would need to know a bit more about that before giving anything other then general advice. I believe in not pigeonholing yourself with a bachelors degree in EMS..... Down the road if you want a career change, or get injured, it could prove difficult to make a career move with such a focused degree. Instead go for a business management degree, healthcare management, or even something like marketing. That will make you a bit more marketable both inside and outside of the EMS field.

If a career in the fire service is for you I would suggest a management track based degree.

If you want to work in a hospital or be a nurse I would suggest nursing school then CRNA school, or go the Paramedic to P.A. route.

I eventually want to progress on and get a MBA myself.


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Great advice Canman, I did exactly what you have recommended. All else fails, I can manage a McDonalds for what I make as a Captain for our County Fire Rescue. The same advise was given to me by the State Ems Director of Florida, and I frankly followed it. Finishing my MA in public administration, although admittedly I can't imagine how much it might help in marketing cheeseburgers... Lol!