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83 Member-Rewards Contest!

Over the past few months we've grown a lot, but we still have a ways to go! We now have our first contest, I hope you like it!

Contest Goals:
We're looking for prospective members to join the community, and our current members to continue to post and contribute to the forum.

Contest Dates:
Starts: June 20, 2004 - 12:01 AM
Ends: July 20,2001 - Midnight

Contest Rules:

This contest is one of "points", and the more points you have, the bigger chance you have of winning the prize!

- Members earn points for doing the following:
- 1 Point - For every post from the start of the contest date to the end (30 day period)
- 2 Points - For every member you get to sign up to the forum
- That member must contribute at least 5 posts to count (We just dont want a whole bunch of non-active members).
- That member must enter your user-name in their profile when they sign up (it's on the sign up form), or email "" letting us know. They can also post in this forum to let us know.

At the end of the 30 days we'll tally up all the points. I will then make a huge list with everyone's name on it. For example, if user1 has 3 points, user2 has 1, and user3 has six, the list would look like:

1  user1
2  user1
3  user1
4  user2
5  user3
6  user3
7  user3
8  user3
9  user3
10  user3

Then a program that will choose a random number 1 through whatever number we have, in this example 10. That person would win a $25 gift certificate to their choice of, Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Galls.

The program will be run again, and the next person would win a $15 gift certificate to

The program will be ran for a third time, and that user will get their very own "" e-mail forwarder. You pick any name you want before the "", and we'll set it up so any email sent to that account will be forwarded to your existing email system.

Anyone caught signing up as multiple people (we can tell via IP address, email, and more), will be disqualified. If you share the same connection with another member of this forum, I'd email "" and let us know.

Also, please do not spam other boards, chat rooms, or web sites asking other members to join. While we're all about spreading the word, the last thing we need is for the site to have a bad reputation. We're all professionals here, so please be responsible

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of Gift Certificates, they will literally be ordered from the vendor and mailed directly to you.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email us or just reply to this post.

Thanks, and good luck!

The Fine Print:
A member can be disqualified from the contest at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of the management team. Spamming both our forum and others is not allowed. This contest is aimed to promote discussion, and spam doesn't do that. Gift certificates will be promptly ordered as soon as the contest ends. The winner has 30 days to contact us and let us know what kind of gift certificate they want. management can cancel this contest at any time. While we're confident this contest will go off without a hitch, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the kinks of our first contest


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This is something that we did back in 2004 to help get new members and increase participation.
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