FDIC / JEMSCON conference 2022 review


The fire extinguisher is not just for show
As I'm finishing out my last day at FDIC & JEMSCON, I wanted to say two things: you should definitely put this on your list of conferences to attend, at least once, especially if you are both fire and EMS. I've been here since Sunday and it's been amazing.

The fire education is top notch. all of the classes I attended were very educational.

the EMS education is top notch. Lots of big names, and some small names. but good, thought provoking topics.

will there be some that fall short of your expectations? sure... but that's everywhere, and the rarity, not the norm.

the JEMS games was a lot more entertaining than I expected. I don't know how they are scored, but if you want a realistic scenario, that's one of them. I sat for the finals, and I can tell you, it's worth watching what happens.

This is (still) a FD show, but the guy running it really wants to integrate EMS. I think the post covid stuff and the transition from the roving EMS Today to a semi permanent colocation with FDIC caused some of the EMS numbers to be lower than expected, but it was well worth the trip. one of the keynote speakers (all of whom were very good) was a non-fire based paramedic, so it's not just hose draggers and retired chiefs.

And they are looking for presenters for next year. https://www.jemscon.com/call-for-presentations open The deadline for submissions is JUNE 17, 2022.

The social events were pretty good (the final day the IFD union hosts a huge party at their union hall/fire museum), and everyone is invited. The vendors try to wine and dine people, and the expo area is HUUUUUUGE. if you are looking to buy something, anything, there will be a vendor here to demo it. the latest and greatest toys. this is for both fire AND EMS. if you need new boots, they have some great deals. and i got a picture with Jason Patton from Fire Department Chronicles, which was the highlight of my trip

I know it's not cheap, but if your department is looking to get you some training outside of your backyard, this is something to definitely check out.