Employment with marijuana on background


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you smoked weed 3 years ago.. who cares... not a big deal!
most police agencies have a 2-3 years limit on weed. you should be fine on that aspect.
More hippies trying to justify why they " need" weed!

Im a combat Veteran(OEF)
Disabled vet.
i dont" need " weed to help me Man the :censored::censored::censored::censored: up...

Lets end this thread?
You're automatically disqualified if you were in possession of a medical marijuana card. Especially since the DEA/ATF disqualify you from owning a firearm if you're a medical marijuana user.

I'm a libertarian at heart and could care less if you did drugs and banged all the hookers in the world, if you can do the job better than someone else, that's all matters to me, but its politics.


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In a competitive job market, where an employer may have the choice between hundreds of candidates for a single position (as is common in CA), they can afford to be picky, and i'm sure there are plenty of candidates who have never used marijuana (legally or illegally).

If you don't like it, try suing them for disability discrimination, and see how that goes.