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I have a small situation hoping someone can clarify for me. I am currently in EMT classes and almost finished, I take my exam on 11/30/21. My plan is to join the FDNY EMS team so I know that the DCAS exam is now open from 11/03/21-11/26/21 I believe. So I took the DCAS exam for EMT Trainee instead of EMT because I still wouldn’t have the EMT certification by the end of the deadline date which would be the 26th, I’m off by 4 days. So I didn’t know what to do and applied as an EMT Trainee. Can anyone shed some light? Should I have applied for EMT instead? How does that work?


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as per:

Requirements for EMT Candidates Only:

By the last day of the DCAS Civil Service Application Period, you must have:

  • A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent (GED or Foreign high school equivalent)
  • A valid NYS DOH EMT-B certification; or
  • A valid NYS DOH EMT-P certification
*Please note that if you hold an EMT-P certification you will be hired to work as an EMT-B only!

if you don't meet those requirements, than you should probably apply for a position that you do meet the requirements for (all of which are specified on the website.

If you still have questions, I would check this website:
Phone: 718-999-FDNY (3369)
E-mail: Recruitment@fdny.nyc.gov
Open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.