COVID-19 precautions may make other germs more effective


Critical Crazy
What a joke. So, absolutely nothing to see here. It's just a dose of normal.

Rhinoviruses are massive snot producers and thus are a great fomite spread virus while kids ABSOLUTELY SUCK at washing their hands. So you open schools and have fomite transmission? DUH!

Enteroviruses are also listed in the article. These are NOT a respiratory viruses. These are fecal-oral transmission, again KIDS ABSOLUTELY SUCK at washing their hands.

This is all about crappy hand hygiene and surface disinfection!

Droplet transmitted RVs like hMPV, PIV 1/2/3, Flu A/B, and adenoviruses are all subdemic or completely gone from RVP results. These RVs are all dead due to COVID transmission precautions. The only thing we see circulating on the RVPs are Rhinoviruses (and we used to see some RSV until the schools closed, but that is another snot factory virus in kids).

People in general suck at washing their hands, even in COVID times, and kids are the worst.