Couple of EMT basic resume questions for recent high school grad.


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Hey all, so I got a few resume questions for you all, if you'd mind. I tried the search, but couldn't find anything related to high school graduates seeking employment. I'll try to keep it short, but I don't really have any one that can help me with this (mom is unemployed, step dad is construction, so neither have experience with resumes), so any help is much appreciated.

I graduate high school Tuesday. I've been certified since March as an EMT. Recently, I just passed my NHA certification tests for phlebotomy/ certified medical lab assistant.

I'm looking for an ED tech position, because I can't work on an ambo (Az is 21+ for ambos and my driving record isn't the greatest). I know these are competitive spots, so I'm trying to make a pretty good resume and I have family in 2 of the main hospitals around here, so I'm hoping I can get in and a lot of friends through the fd. If not, I'm putting in apps for phlebotomy positions to get my foot in the door.

Here's the questions I have;
1. What should I put for work experience? I haven't worked in over a year and no one is left at the company I worked at that worked with me and it was only at Subway for 3 months and a construction company for 2 days (I passed out from the heat and they asked me not to come back due to that). I unfortunately do not have volunteer experience, either.
2. My EMT class was 208 hrs vs the required 120 (I believe, I know it's under 140), should I bother to put that?
3. I only have around 12 hours of ride time with the fd, should I put that? I didn't get to do any actual interventions, only was standing by for a psych pt and a trauma code that was DOA. I have tons of clinical experience for phlebotomy, none for EMT, though.
4. I'm graduating high school with honors and exceeded on 2 of the 4 state mandated tests, should I put that I exceeded those in achievements? Would it be worth while?
5. I plan on going to get an AA of paramedicine starting in the fall, would that be something to mention in an interview?

Sorry, it's so long. I think I had a few more questions, just can't remember them off the top of my head.

Thank in advance to anyone that helps out, I could really use it, haha.


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So, this is what I have so far. Any recommendations? (Personal info removed for obvious reasons) I've also made a version with objective of phlebotomy to get my foot in (which I know is way more likely than an ED position). I've also been trying to get a hold of the manager at Subway to get my info ready, in case anyone calls for him.
Within the next week I'm signing up for the paramedicine classes, so I'll add that when it's official.

Objective: Seeking employment as an emergency department technician.


High School (2009- 2013)
Graduated with honors
Exceeded on 2 out of 4 AIMS state assessment tests (reading/ science)

Community College (August 2012- December 2012)
EMT- Basic (208 classroom hours)
Grade placed within the top 10% of graduates from the program's start

National/ state certified EMT- B
NHA certified phlebotomist
NHA certified medical laboratory assistant

Subway (March '12- August '12)
---- mall
Obtained experience on front line duties in a fast paced, demanding environment
Edit: Also, I found an EMT position at a drug detox center. Does anyone have any experience working in a place like that? What were your duties? I sent in an email inquiring, but haven't heard back.
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