Comparison and discussion of Body armor



Emergency Medical Texan
Yeah the only thing I've seen about those FRAS is their own marketing. I'd be more than happy to buy one and shoot it up to let everyone know if its good or not, anyone got a spare 15 hundo lying about? 😅

I've also seen (from a variety) of stab plates designed, well, to stop knives, like a thiner rigid plate that can be worn in conjunction with soft armor.

Once again now you're balancing extra weight (though i don't think stab plates by themselves are particularly heavy/bulky, but still...) added stiffness to an otherwise soft vest, which could potentially compromise the concealed aspect, etc

I think I'm more likely to get stabbed than shot but this armor is a good deal (I think) and I can buy a cheaper under uniform stab vest later. This though, discount won't be.