CA. ambulance drivers test ?'s


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Ok so I am starting to get ready to take the ambulance test but had a couple of I get the medical examiners form from the dmv first then get it signed off by the doctor and return it to the dmv and take the test? also the live scan when do I need to get that done and how long is it good for? also is there anything else I need?

Basically I guess I am asking what is the simplest and most effective way to go about getting the drivers/dmv stuff done?

Will I need to take in my certification to the dmv to get any forms or to take the test?



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The answer to your first question is yes.

The second answer is you need it done before you take the test. You only need to do it once for the DMV.

You may or may not need to bring your certs (I had to bring my NREMT card).

DMV website on what all is needed:


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Eh, this is the way I did it.

Went to DMV to obtain live scan form and Medical Examination Report (DL 51) form. The forms are usually located near the entrance of the DMV, you can just walk in and take 'em.

Went to do my live scan, went to do my physical(medical) exam, then went to take the actual test. I brought my NREMT card(I believe that this is not required, but if you have it, then bring it), which they made a copy of.

Passed the test, got a temporary certificate on the day itself. They will mail the actual one to you within 180 days..(I think? not sure about this.)

There's a study guide for the test that DMV sells for $5. You don't need a queue number for the live scan and medical exam form, but to buy the study guide, you do. So if you do want to buy the study guide, I recommend that you make an appointment, buy the study guide, and grab the required forms on your way out.

$25 fee to take the written test(no actual driving test needed). For one payment, you get three tries to pass it, and you can retake it anytime you want. I.E you can choose to take the 2nd one five minutes after you failed the first one. If you fail 3 times, you have to pay $25 again.


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Go to a DMV office, that does ambulance certs on a regular basis. If the DMV person pauses and asks for help, leave immediately. They will more than likely make critical mistakes.

The DMV will not process Live Scan or the medical examiner's paperwork if they are dated greater than six months.