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I went back out to the closer DMV (the one I tested at), and I found out why I never got my license. The DMV DIDN'T SEND OFF THE PAPERWORK TO SACRAMENTO!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: What the :censored: :censored: :censored: :censored: is up with that?!? Oy! Just grinds my gears!!

No need to be shocked. It has happened to me twice now in the ten years I have been in EMS. Not to mention the multiple times they lose the paperwork, get confused when you move out of state and then return, or my personal favorite that you need to retake the whole process because they cannot understand how a temp card issued after you came back is valid.

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Ive been having all types of problems with my CA ambulance drivers certificate. I got my temporary 7/30/12 and after a few months of not getting it I went to the DMV where they said it apparently got "lost" so they made me do my finger prints again and take the damn test again. This was 4/15/2013 the day I went to the DMV and got issued ANOTHER temporary but wait all they did was cross out the date and stamp it with a new one. Fast forward 4 months and I still havent received the original white one... I went to the DMV a few weeks ago and they told me apparently its pending DOJ clearance and gave me a phone number to call. Every damn time I call it says the line is busy. What the hell do i do?

My temporary will expire in 3 weeks -_________-


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I wouldn't worry too much, if you end up getting pulled over by CHP, chances are you're getting fired anyways.

Also, a few months back I had the same issue, and when I got pulled over in my personal vehicle and while he was writing my ticket I told him my situation. He said "If you get pulled over, just show them the temporary and give them your the story and you'll be fine." Apparently the DMV is known for this.