Broken IV catheter


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UOTE="chaz90, post: 618161, member: 19157"]So what is your question? Are you asking for advice or just telling a story?
My question is can they be the cause other health problems? Is leaving them alone dangerious?

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You are now asking for health advice, per the forum rules we are not allowed to give it. You should speak with your physician to get an answer to those questions.


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I don't care how long that lady has been a nurse....I personally have had 2 broken iv catheters left/ broke off in my hand and arm. The first time was 20 years ago. A General surgeon had to remove it 2 weeks AFTER I left the hospital, when my arm become so painful to the touch I couldn't stand it anymore. The second time was a week ago. Again, I came home from the hospital and discovered it my self. This time it was in my hand so it was really easy to see.
So no matter what anyone says, this can and does happen. I have the scars to prove it!
What level of responsibility did they take? Did you end up filing a lawsuit?