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I happen to have a pretty severe allergy to latex due to over use in past years. The kind with powder will set off a respiratory reaction rapidly. No anaphylaxis (as of yet). I have managed to limit my contact and seem to be less sensitive to the occasional accidental brush to the skin.

I have read statistics (that vary widely!) that state up to 18% of healthcare workers have some type of latex sensitivity-presumably from repeated exposure. I have also read that 5% of healthcare workers have a latex sensitivity-so take it for what it is.

I like the medline aloetouch nitrile gloves-size small. ^_^

-I also carry every size with me to share with any partners I may work with to make sure they are not using latex. I carry a variety.


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One of the agencies I have been doing my clinicals with still use latex. Are that many people sensitive to latex? I have never actually met anyone that is. I actually prefer them to nitrile, personally. I have sweaty hands and they seem to go on easier than the nitrile. It's embarrassing but i fight the nitrile sometimes.
I'd say 60 to 70% of my squad is sensitive due to over use. Most also worked many years in clinics and hospitals, so exposure time was high.


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I wrote a fifteen minute response about the confusions and popularities regarding "latex sensitivity" and the corruption of the scientific sources about immune-mediated responses, but in the face of real (if not scientifically supported*) personal concerns there is no discussion.

If the deletion of rubber seems prudent, so be it and my sincere respect for the consideration shown by replacing each and ALL rubber-bearing BP cuffs, stethoscopes, urinary catheters, and anything with standard elastic (including underwear) coming in contact with patients or coworkers.

*I have met health care workers, generally not MDs (but sometimes them as well) who disseminate tales of latex allergy despite lack of evidence, but because there might be someone it helps.


"CONCLUSIONS: These data demonstrate that some natural rubber latex gloves, particularly nonsterile examination gloves, are contaminated with high amounts of endotoxin and proteins. These were found mostly on the inside of gloves and were released as very small respirable particles that were not physically associated with the powder. These findings support the hypothesis that endotoxin may be responsible for some of the tissue irritation associated with latex glove use. In addition, this material may be responsible for the enhancement of delayed and immediate hypersensitivity reactions to chemicals and proteins found in these products and offers a possible explanation for the disproportionate severity of these reactions."

So while it probably isn't the latex, it is the quality of the product. And, as the second red passage suggests, immune sensitization to these substances could potentiate reactions to non-latex glove items which also cary these substances…possibly even non-latex items entirely.
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We get these at work and they suck. Too thin IMO:

So I buy these to keep in my flight suit. Normally only have to buy 3-4 boxes a year because I typically use gloves from the sending facility if they're decent. If they suck they I will use my own stash, or if I'm on a scene call or need gloves in the A/C for some reason. They're nice and thick, textured, and also easy to tell if you get contaminated with blood or other funk.


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Sorry for some necro thread digging, but I didn't see these mentioned.

Halyard Health Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves

They are the onese I've used the most, thicker, textured, never rip one. The super thin ones I grab at the hospital once in a while are garbage and rip all the time.